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Details Independent-Schools-Yearbook-2013-2014-Independent-Schools-Yearbook-Boys-Schools-and-Girls-Schoo

The Independent Schools Yearbook is the highly-respected book of reference of Independent Schools in membership of the Independent Schools Council's Associations: HMC, GSA, The Society of Heads, IAPS, ISA and COBIS. Published and updated annually ...

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Details Old-School-to-New-School

Warzone: Old School To New School CD - CD Album, herausgegeben 1994 in USA von Victory Records (VR15CD), Barcode: 746105001527 // Genre: Punk Nordamerika

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Details Preparing-Schools-and-School-Systems-for-the-21st-Century

Presents characteristics of schools and school systems capable of preparing students for a global knowledge/information age.

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Details School-Choice-How-parents-negotiate-the-new-school-market-in-Australia

School Choice Explores the dilemmas many parents face when choosing a school for their children, and the impact of the growing gap between public and private schools on families, schools and the community. Full description

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Details School-Based-Evaluation-A-Dialogue-for-School-Improvement

School-based Evaluation Presents a conceptual framework for school evaluation, and evaluation methods that can be used within the framework of the school. This work is based on concepts and ideas originally developed in the area of program evaluation ...

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Details Im-Allergic-to-School-Funny-Poems-and-Songs-about-School

I'm Allergic to School! "A collection of hilarious songs and poems about the funny things that happen at school"--Provided by publisher.